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During the THIRD lockdown period for the COVID-19 pandemic (January 2021), the operations of Sunlight will continue 7 days a week as usual, however, our physical showroom hours will be slightly reduced.

Monday - Friday 10.30am to 4.30am
Sat & Sun 10.30pm to 4pm

Contact Staff Anytime
If and when the Sunlight showroom is unstaffed, we are still contactable remotely through diverted phone calls and emails, and we will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

Come and Walk Around
For your convenience, the site gates will always be open during business hours, enabling you to have access to walk around and view the showrooms externally. Each showroom door will be individually locked.

On-Site Video Calls
As an added feature and to combine with the open-access of our showrooms, if you wish to ask questions, please use the video doorbell (Ring) which will open up a live call with one our efficient staff members. The video-bell is located on the main office front door. Please don’t hesitate to use it.

Book Your Appointment
Following the COVID-19 safety guidelines and to efficiently adhere to the safe-distancing measures, we are only allowing viewing of the internal showrooms by appointment only, which will also require mandatory face masks and hand sanitising (before and after leaving the Sunlight premises).

Remote Pricing
Additionally, some jobs can be priced remotely via phone and email, saving both yourselves and our staff making unnecessary contact during the pandemic.

Safety at Sunlight
As you can see, safety for everyone is our main concern at Sunlight, so let’s hope we can all return to normal very soon.

Best wishes to everybody, and please stay safe.
From all the staff at Sunlight

January 2021

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